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Supervised Injection Facilities for a Safer NYC

New York City has made tremendous progress on promoting the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs. From our longstanding commitment to syringe exchange and other harm reduction services, to innovative approaches to drug treatment, mental health care, and policing reform, our city has turned a corner on the worst features of the ‘war on drugs.’ But amid a massive homelessness crisis and increasing heroin and other drug use, problems associated with public injection drug use need urgent attention.

Our coalition, representing public health, academic, criminal justice reform, and other groups, is working to establish supervised injection facilities in NYC. A supervised injection facility (SIF) is a place where people who inject drugs can self-administer pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of healthcare professionals or other staff. Facility staff members do not directly assist in injection but are present to provide sterile injection supplies, answer questions on safer injection practices, monitor for potential overdose, administer first aid if needed, and link people to healthcare and social services, such as housing, addiction treatment, and mental health support.

Today, nearly 100 SIFs exist in 66 cities, and they carry a a 30 year track record of scientific evidence. For more, read The Case for SIFs  and view our campaign materials on the Resources page, which include a detailed review of the scientific evidence and information on why SIFs are important for NYC.


"I stand with the SIF NYC coalition in calling on New York City and New York State government to take all necessary steps to authorize and establish supervised injection facilities..."


We are a growing coalition of public health and criminal justice reform groups and NYC residents that believes that supervised injection facilities are an important solution to problems related to drug use in our city.