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Everywhere but Safe: A documentary about public injecting in New York

A new documentary film, Everywhere But Safe, examines public injection drug use in New York and charts a path toward healthier and safer communities. The film premiered last month at the Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem,  a not for profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and production of documentary films that inspire dialogue and action. Harm reduction providers, government officials, participants of syringe exchange programs and community members gathered for the premiere of the film and a follow up panel featuring individuals in the film to discuss alternatives to public injection drug use.

A Huffington Post article released on the day of the premiere writes “The problems of public injection have been compounded in recent years by the sharp rise in the homeless population, particularly in New York City, and the surge in heroin use across the northeastern U.S., including in New York state. There are at least 56,000 people in New York City sleeping in homeless shelters each night — a near-record high, according to the latest count. And in 2013, more people in New York City died of heroin overdoses than of murder. Meanwhile, nationwide, the number of heroin-related deaths jumped by 39 percent in 2013.”

Screenings of the documentary are scheduled in Chicago and New York for the month of September leading up the the Out of Harms Way public event hosted by Open Society Foundations and moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on September 30th. The film will be made available online to the public on October 1st.

The documentary is a feature of Sawbuck Productions, Inc., a not-for-profit charitable organization 501(c3) that creates and distributes multiple media geared toward documenting the people, places, and things that operate on the fringes. The film was produced, directed and edited by the New York branch team members, Taeko Frost and Matt Curtis, who have direct service experience and see the impact of public injection everyday in their respective communities.



"I stand with the SIF NYC coalition in calling on New York City and New York State government to take all necessary steps to authorize and establish supervised injection facilities..."


We are a growing coalition of public health and criminal justice reform groups and NYC residents that believes that supervised injection facilities are an important solution to problems related to drug use in our city.