Recovery From Addiction While Quarantined At Home




These are shocking times, don’t you agree? Just a month ago, we went through life normally, visiting the neighbors, shopping in the malls, and hugging our loved ones. Now, like a snap of a finger, almost everything has changed because of the virus that we are fighting against. The outbreak throughout the country and the whole world has required us to keep our distance even from our family members that don’t live with us, to cover our faces with masks when we are out and about, and if possible to stay at home where it is safest and most comfortable. We could complain, but we dare not because we know it is only for our good. The self-isolation is not easy for us – but what more the people who are undergoing addiction recovery?

Sobering Up While Quarantined

The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, among other organizations, have strictly recommended everyone to stay at home and isolate themselves to contain the coronavirus and stop its spread. Keeping that in mind, it is important for our loved ones who are in recovery to be provided with a structured plan of action to fight against the urge to relapse and the simple thought of nothing else to do at home. Let us discuss the vital measures to take for them to pursue and sustain their recovery.

Avoiding Relapse

The urge to use drugs or alcohol again is not only difficult during early recovery, but it can be a burden to them years after they have recovered. Addiction is serious, and it has many ways of influencing an individual’s brain and body. Cravings aren’t something that they can brush off just like that. They need to have established some kind of coping mechanism that they can use when the cravings come. One of the best ways for them to overcome these cravings is through support groups and therapy sessions. But during this time, when we are all prohibited from going outside and seeing our neighbors or therapists, where do they find the help and support that they need?

Recovering At Home While Quarantined

For rehabilitation staff and counselors, recovering from home is not recommended. However, now that we have no choice but to stay where we are, they must do the same too. There are many ways that our loved ones that pursue their recovery. The tips here have been collected so that addicts in recovery can help themselves and avoid the devastation that can be brought about by relapse.



Make A Daily Or Weekly Plan

When you create a schedule of the things that you can and need to do for the day, you feel a sense of organization in your life, and this is important for the addict whose former situation had no structure and no meaning. His previous life was influenced only by his desire to get a hold of drugs or alcohol and to feel high. Once he manages to make a regular schedule for himself, he will be on track and will want to stay that way.

Look For A New Hobby

This is a recommendation from the rehab facility counselors, as finding new things to do keeps recovering addicts occupied and focused on something that is not about drugs. Boredom is one of the worst threats of former addicts because when they feel empty, they begin to crave for what they used to be addicted to. When they are stuck at home, they should learn something new to perk their interest. They might try making a garden in the backyard (with your help), cooking dinners, or cleaning the car. They could also check out some yoga classes online that they can follow. This will help them relax and attain peace of mind.

Join Online Meetings

The internet is one of the essential parts of modern society today. As much as it has its downsides, it does have a ton of positive sides. And for the recovering addicts, online forums and meetings with a counselor or therapist are among the positive aspects of the Internet. They can hook up with the rehab facility site and schedule an online meeting with a group or individually. Here, they talk to a therapist to catch up on how they are doing at home, what they’re thinking, and how they’re coping. This is beneficial for them because they can express what is truly bothering them, or if they have fears and anxieties, this is the time to let them out.

Always Communicate With Family


Recovering addicts are urged to keep in touch with their family and significant others continually. This time is lonely, so it is even more vital for us to communicate with them and let them know that we care. Most of them feel insecure, distant, and guilty of their past. Encourage them to talk to you about anything and everything, even the smallest things. Let them feel that they are not fighting their cravings on their own, that we are here for them. You can use Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to catch up with each other.

Those are only some of the most critical measures that can help addicts in recovery while they are quarantined. It’s going to be tough not only for them but for us as well. Nevertheless, let us be optimistic because we are all in this together.





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