The 2014 New York Public Health Summit clarifies the issue for investing in healthy communities since it remains vague and unclear despite the stacks of pieces of evidence of nonmedical factors. These are the disproportional effect on the population’s health include housing, food affordability, and physical activity. As such, studies regarding population health will stay stagnant without a clear comprehension of the financial return on investment.


The Discussion

National and State leaders in the summit discuss areas in which delivery systems and communities that have successful investments in geographic population health. There are also sub-discussions regarding potential provider payment representations for expansion beyond clinical care and possible financing structures for community health investments at other states.

Doctors Sharing Their Thoughts

Dr. James R. Knickman persuades attendees to think outside the box. He says that the key to improving the population health lies in the correlation between medical care delivery systems and public health.

The keynote speaker Dr. David Kindig gives a summary about improving overall health while reducing health disparities. It includes the development and the securing of revenue streams which are dependable for the long-term. There are also topics about the impact of health care system investment in public and private to the health of a population. He also stresses that population health improvement will not be possible until appropriate financial incentives are viable.


Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford summarizes the critical topics in the public health summit. He also implies the importance of having the exchange of information, values, and patient involvement towards population health improvement. There is also a briefing in regards to the upswing in population health over the recent years.

Dr. Boufford closes the summit discussion with a statement implying the complexity of population health and the difficulties in it. However, he also says that it is not an impossible process and that there is a strong will to keep the agenda in moving forward.

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